Moldova Classical Parachuting Cup

During September 2013, the Moldovan skydivers club will organize the next Moldova Open Parachuting Cup at Vadul lui Voda Sport Airport. More than 30 competitors from several countries are expected. During the two day competition, skydivers must make seven jumps and demonstrate precision landing techniques. The first landing should be at two centimeters from the ground.

The event is open to the public. In addition to skydiving, spectators will enjoy other attractions and demonstrations, such as motorcycle exhibition. For a fee, participants can also make tandem jumps with skilled skydivers. See the website for more information:

Velo Hora

Every year on or about September 22, the Velo Hora Festival is organized in Chisinau to mark World Car Free Day (September 22). The main event of the festival is a 20 km public bicycle ride through the streets of Chisinau, Moldova's capital city. Thousands of riders of all ages gather at The Great National Assembly Square before being escorted through the city by local police.

In addition to the bike ride, there are fun games for adults and children alike and other family-friendly activities to enjoy, including an open air concert in the square. The festival draws its name from the hora, a traditional Moldovan circle dance. See the website for details about the next event:

BEMOL Motocross Cup

In October 2013, BEMOL will organize the 5th International Bemol Motocross Cup for all adrenaline and motocross enthusiasts! The event takes place near the town of Hincesti on the Hincesti-Leova path (1 km).

The championship hosts over 70 athletes from several countries such as Moldova, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Netherlands, Latvia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and others. Racers compete in several categories: 50-65cc (children), 85cc, MX2 (125cc-250cc), MX1 (250cc-open), and amateurs and veterans. Check the Bemol website for details: